Honey Bee’s Biscuits will launch a new kitchen concept at Beffa’s in Midtown St. Louis

In a Sept. 26 post on Beffa’s Facebook page, the eatery announced that after brunch service concluded on Oct. 1, it would temporarily close its kitchen at 2700 Olive St. While the post stated that the kitchen plans to close on that date, it also mentioned that plans are in the works for a new concept, which will be rolled out of the kitchen on Oct. 11.

“We have made the decision to move our management team out of the kitchen to focus more on the rest of Beffa's operations,” the post states. It continued further, “We do believe that this new concept will continue to honor the memories and history that Beffa's holds.”

And, thanks to a Sept. 28 announcement, we now know that the new concept is being brought to Beffa’s kitchen by Honey Bee’s Biscuits + Good Eats. In the post on its Instagram, Honey Bee’s states, “expect your favorite biscuits with some fun additions such as a hot dog bar with scratch made toppings in the evening, deli sammies and salads for lunch.” 

Honey Bee’s got its start at Kirkwood and Tower Grove farmers markets in 2020, and launched its first brick-and-mortar in Kirkwood last fall. Honey Bee’s is owned and operated by husband and wife Mike and Meredith Shadwick. The eatery is known for serving fluffy, housemade biscuits topped with a honey glaze and covered in creamy gravy, deemed “the best b's and g's west of the Mississippi” on the business’s website. 

The menu offerings at Honey Bee’s Downtown will feature some items guests know and love from their Kirkwood location, along with a few new twists on familiar favorites from the Beffa’s menu. The service hours will be during lunch, likely from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and start up again for dinner offerings from 4 to 8 p.m. Wednesday to Saturday, with brunch offered from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekends. 

“We’ll operate very similar to our Kirkwood location and scratch-make everything,” Mike said. 

The weekday lunch menu will include a fried egg and cheese on brioche or a biscuit, along with a selection of different deli sandwiches - pastrami, which will be similar to what was on Beffa’s menu, a housemade turkey breast sandwich, or an Italian sandwich that features turkey, genoa salami and prosciutto. 

In the evenings, there will be a hot dog bar, with a variety of toppings, including chili. Additionally, there will be a few bar menu staples like tater tots and toasted ravioli. On weekends, guests can find biscuits and gravy, French toast biscuits, which Shadwick said is one of the most popular items at their Kirkwood location. There will also be a soft-scrambled egg dish served on toast, and Shadwick promised another brunch dish will be available at some point.

“Chicken and waffles will make a reappearance since those were a favorite Beffa's menu item,” he said.

With the Beffa’s team continuing to operate the bar and Mike running the kitchen, the partnership will give guests the chance to experience the best that each business has to offer, in one location. The opportunity to expand Honey Bee’s is something that the Shadwicks are looking forward to. “We’ve been looking at expanding to another location and evolving the Honey Bee’s brand,” said Mike. “We’re really excited.”