chana masala tehina at maryland house photo by michelle volansky

Maryland House by Brennan’s has urban clubhouse chic vibes in the Central West End

Down an alley, through an unmarked door and up the elevator to the third floor of a Central West End building, you’ll find Maryland House by Brennan’s. The vibes here are urban clubhouse chic with stunning patio views of the neighborhood and eye-catching art and books dispersed throughout the large, open space. 

The interior design lends itself to any occasion and kind of eating. Low couches are perfect for drinks and nibbles like the melted raclette, which is delightfully gooey and served with warm, soft pretzels for dipping, while more robust dishes are best enjoyed at a table. The black garlic pizza gets a creamy boost from burrata, which melds beautifully with the mellow, nutty garlic. Creative, well-balanced cocktails match the fun décor; the Tiki Negroni made with aged rum, banana-infused sweet vermouth, coconut-fat washed Campari and orange and tiki bitters, and Fizzy Lifting Drink – a rich cherry bomb – are both whimsical-yet-adult drinks.

Maryland Plaza, St. Louis, 314.497.4449,