canvas inspired living in maplewood photo by kelli jones

4 recreational marijuana businesses to check out in Missouri this summer

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Now that recreational cannabis has been legalized in Missouri, we’re loving the variety of marijuana products we can purchase at our leisure. Check out the following businesses for some of the best goods around.

CANVAS Inspired Living
Are you ready to be inspired? Visit CANVAS Inspired Living, a woman-owned boutique dispensary for cannabis, kratom and medicinal mushrooms, in the heart of downtown Maplewood. CANVAS has a huge selection of all-natural products including edibles and drinks, tinctures and topicals, plus flower and vapes.

Did you know most cannabis companies use artificial colors and flavors in their drinks and edibles? You won't find anything like that at CANVAS – everything is all-natural! Plus, CANVAS also has a stunning eco-special gift collection for the cannabis and mushroom fans in your life. Marijuana cookie cutters, a huge book collection on cannabis and psilocybin, plus hemp textile apparel and accessories.

CANVAS is not your typical dispensary nor your typical headshop. CANVAS is for the educated people who love to get high on life and inspired naturally. This summer they have specials on everything Peachy, Bee Peachy tea, Peach CBC mood-enhancing gummies and locally made sparkling Peach Buzz 10-milligram Delta-9 drinks.

If you love s’mores and want to be a truly happy camper, visit CANVAS for BOGO 50% deals on all chocolates all summer. Make s’mores special with CBD or THC chocolates. Pair your s’mores with some Marshmallow OG THCA flower, which features flavors like butter, vanilla and pepper. The dominant terpene of this strain is calming, relaxing Limonene – perfect for a summer night around the fire.
7312 Manchester Road, Maplewood, 314.308.9122,

3Fifteen Primo
Experience the pride of St. Louis at 3Fifteen Primo, your premier destination for medical and recreational cannabis. Located in St. Louis and Valley Park, their dispensaries offer a wide variety of high-quality products, including top flower strains, edibles, vape cartridges, disposables, infused pre-rolls, concentrates and more – all at unbeatable prices. Whether you choose to shop in-store or pre-order online, they ensure a convenient and elevated experience. Join the Free Rewards Program to access new weekly deals and earn points on every purchase, with a $20 back awaiting you after spending your first $100. Come see why 3Fifteen Primo is the trusted choice for cannabis enthusiasts in Missouri and across the Midwest.
5501 Chippewa St., St. Louis, 314.330.2118; 839 Meramec Station Road, Valley Park, 314.924.0101,

CLOVR is a Kansas City-based, leading manufacturer of Wana, Keef, Robhots, Mountain High Suckers, Funny Bone, and its own line of CLOVR pre-rolls, extracts and chocolates. Offering a wide variety of consumption methods for every patient, CLOVR and its partner brands can be found in almost any dispensary in the state of Missouri. Many products contain added cannabinoids like CBD, CBN, CBG and THC for more targeted effects that can easily be tailored to each patient’s individual needs. Clovr partners with world-renowned chocolatier Christopher Elbow to create chocolate products, including chocolate bars, peanut butter cups, and bonbons both in a variety of flavors. The team emphasizes quality raw materials in and quality products out for safety and consistency.

Cookies St. Louis
Welcome to Cookies St. Louis, where they know the true power of the plant and bring you the best selection of premium products, handpicked for the true cannabis connoisseur. They've got you covered with weekly deals and a wide range of premium Cookies flower, along with top-notch edibles, vape cartridges, disposables, pre-rolls, concentrates, drinkables and more. If you want to save more money and earn free weed, join the Free Rewards Program and start earning points on every purchase. Once you spend your first $100, they'll give you $20 back. Whether you want to order online, shop inside the store, or pick up your pre-order in the drive-thru, they've got the convenience factor covered too. At Cookies St. Louis, they have the goods and the good vibes, so pull up and experience the best of the best.
11088 New Halls Ferry Road, Florissant, 314.882.2569,