the pink galleon billiards and games in creve coeur photo by david kovaluk

11 reasons we love Pink Galleon Billiards and Games in Creve Coeur

What if Pirates of the Caribbean was a Miami Vice nightclub? What if you took a hit of acid and went to a beachside dive bar in Cocoa Beach, Florida? What if an airbrushed T-shirt was a physical place? The possible analogies are endless and still, you cannot possibly overstate just how wild it is inside the Pink Galleon in Creve Coeur.

the pink galleon billiards and games // photo by david kovaluk

1. The space is a feast for the eyes with rock-n-roll artist Rick “Fitz” Fitzpatrick’s hand-painted pirate- and mermaid-themed murals as far as the eye can see.

2. Pink pool tables!

3. $10 domestic pitchers served with frosty mugs; or get them for $8 during happy hour, 4 to 7 p.m. Monday to Friday and all day Sunday.

4. Take this as a compliment or a warning: Pink Galleon is a smoker’s paradise. You can even find ashtrays in the bathrooms.

5. The gigantic, 20 foot shark suspended from the ceiling, clutching an eight ball in its mouth. Really.

6. Get 10 or more friends together for the Famous $8 Party Package. $8 per person gets you unlimited free pool, table tennis, darts, a round of drinks and a nacho bar.

the pink galleon billiards and games // photo by david kovaluk

7. Put your name on the list two doors down at Wudon BBQ Korean Restaurant and pass the time people-watching with a pitcher of beer; it’s a perfect Saturday night combo.

8. Pool is free all night on Mondays and Wednesdays.

9. In what can only be described as an art installation, a life-size flock of seagulls dot the ceiling overhead.

10. We prefer to celebrate our shuffleboard wins with hot baskets of crispy onion rings. The kitchen serves a long list of bar food’s greatest hits until midnight Monday through Saturday and until 10:30 p.m. on Sundays.

11.Take home a strip from the classic photo booth as a souvenir. For only $3, who could resist?

Pink Galleon Billiards and Games, 1243 Castillons Arcade Plaza, Creve Coeur, 314.514.0100,

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