scott carey, owner of sump coffee in st. louis photo by greg rannells

10 reasons to go to Sump Coffee right now

1. It’s the only coffee shop in town that brews in the Kyoto cold-drip method, a Japanese process that can take up to 18 hours.

2. It’s become a watering hole for chefs and bartenders who are hypercritical of food and drink. We take that as a good sign.

kyoto cold-drip // photo by greg rannells

3. Owner Scott Carey’s beard.

4. Scott Carey has begun roasting beans in the back of the store ... and they’re awesome. You can get ‘em brewed in your cup or buy them by the bag.

5. The icon on the t-shirts, to-go cups and bags of beans.

scott carey, owner of sump coffee // photo by greg rannells

6. Wanna know how to brew the perfect pour over at home? Carey will tell you and send you off with instructions written on a napkin.

7. The Sump Coffee Club that launched in February is like a CSA for coffee. For us, the first and third Tuesdays of the month (the day to pick up your bag of Sump’s beans from the shop) just got better.

8. Carey has teamed up with the roaming cooks of Kitchen Kulture to hold pop-up brunches at the coffee shop – and they’re packed.

sump beans // photo by greg rannells

9. The hand-selected playlist can include artists like The Buena Vista Social Club, Peaches, Awesome Snakes, The Beastie Boys and Kanye West.

10. Cream and sugar are only available upon request. This coffee’s so good, you won’t need them.

Sump Coffee, 3700, S. Jefferson Ave., St. Louis, 917.412.5670,

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