Looking Meadow Coffee Co. sells vegan baked goods and coffee out of vintage camper around St. Louis

Vegan mobile café Looking Meadow Coffee Co. is bringing a fun spin to the St. Louis food truck scene. Owner Jamie Herman and her vintage 1963 Avalon camper can regularly be found around town and at the Tower Grove Farmers’ Market and Kirkwood Park selling tasty vegan treats and coffee. 

“If I’m going to own a business, it’s going to be vegan,” Herman said. “People love to support vegan businesses. I like that I can be this option for them, and they know every option is vegan.”

Some menu items like cold brew and vanilla lattes (with almond, oat or soy milk) made with Blueprint Coffee remain on the menu year-round, but there are many seasonal options too. Current offerings include a triple berry-white chocolate latte and blackberry iced tea. Baked goods rotate based on what Herman feels like making, but recent items have include lemon-poppy seed shortbread cookies, triple chocolate-lavender brownies, quiches and Funfetti crispy treats.

Herman said she has had a wonderful reception from the vegan and vegetarian community in St. Louis.  “A lot of coffee shops have vegan options, but I feel people are extra comfortable with me because, as a vegan, I know what it’s like to have to say, ‘Are you sure you used the almond milk?’” she said. “They can come to the camper and know there are options for them.”

Although catering primarily to a vegan and vegetarian clientele, many of Looking Meadow's customers are neither. Herman said some patrons have asked for an ingredient for their coffee that she did not offer and they were willing to try a vegan version, and she was surprised to see some of them become regulars. “They start to order and they don't realize it’s vegan, but then they’re OK with trying something that may be a little outside their comfort zone and find they really enjoy it,” she said.

Catch Looking Meadow Coffee Co. at Tower Grove Farmers’ Market every Tuesday and Saturday. The camper’s location varies on Sundays, but will be at the Procure Marketplace at City Foundry STL the last Sunday of each month and is often at Kirkwood Park other Sundays throughout the month. For updates, check out their FacebookInstagram and the website.