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Spring forecast for St. Louis beer

These are the releases we have our eyes on this spring.

Late March
Rockwell Beer Co. Sumac Suitcase
This amber-colored, mixed-fermentation saison is a collaboration between Rockwell and Little Fish Brewing in Athens, Ohio. The beer’s name comes from the wild sumac Little Fish’s head brewer Sean White foraged locally and brought with him to St. Louis in his suitcase.

Late March, early April
Ferguson Brewing Co. Chamomile Honey Wheat
Brewed using the latest edition of the classic Cascade hops, look for notes of pine and citrus balanced by the sweet, herbal flavors provided by chamomile and honey.

Early April
O’Fallon Brewery Foglight Hazy IPA
This lower ABV, double dry-hopped IPA features notes of both citrus and tropical fruits. Look for strong mango flavor with grapefruit and pineapple up front and sweet orange at the finish.

April 4
Earthbound Beer Blood Dream
Blood Dream is the first of three braggots – beers brewed using honey as a large portion of the fermentable sugar – Earthbound has in the works. The addition of strawberries and Thai basil during the brewing process makes for a tart, complex, high-gravity beer.

Early May
Third Wheel Brewing Free the Sun Fruited Sour
The addition of Lactobacillus (the bacteria used to ferment foods like yogurt) during the brewing process for this “smoothie-style” sour lends it a tang and creamy fullness that’s balanced by zesty orange and sweet vanilla.

Old Bakery Beer Co. Oh Yeah! Fruit Punch Berliner Weiss
This tart and fruity beer promises to cool you down while taking you back to the days of shoving a plastic straw into a box of bright red punch. (Warning: Sipping may cause a giant talking pitcher of punch to bust through your wall.)

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