Destined Indulgence Cakery & Confectionary will open brick-and-mortar in early 2021

Destined Indulgence Cakery & Confectionary, a cottage law bakery specialized in themed cakes and other sweet treats, will open a brick-and-mortar at 11977 St. Charles Rock Road in Bridgeton in February. Owner Destiney Jones is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to secure funds to cover extra expenses incurred to ensure safety regarding Covid regulations.

Jones started baking in 2017 when she couldn’t find unique cakes for her kids at grocery store bakeries. She began baking cakes for friends and family and the concept took off. “At first, I was doing just one cake a week,” said Jones, “but then I started doing more and more, and I thought I should come up with a name for this.” Jones took classes and got certified as a pastry chef. “It was a lot of YouTube University,” she said.

In late 2017, six months into crafting themed cakes and desserts for friends and family, Jones made her business official. She started curating a clientele through her Facebook page making custom cakes and treats out of her home kitchen. “Cottage law allows for you to sell food items that are a low risk for causing sickness, like baked goods, out of your home,” she explained.

Jones said a new social media platform inspired her to seek out a brick-and-mortar. “I got on TikTok during the early part of pandemic in March,” she said. “I posted two videos and was on there for a week and got up to 20,000 followers. Now, I’m pushing 30k followers. I have a lot of online business from there, and that made me realize I need a space to be able to teach people how to make these things themselves and grow their skills.” Her username is @destinedindulgence.

The store will be more than just a place to come in and grab a sweet treat. Jones will continue to offer her custom-designed baked goods, but the location will give her space to host small events amid an open-concept design. “There will be an observing wall where you can watch myself and the other bakers at work,” said Jones. The store will be equipped with a diner-style countertop where Jones planes to host decorating classes. 

At the back of the store, there is a room for private parties. Jones plans to host events and classes for families and small groups. With current Covid-19 precautions, the number of people in each group is limited to five. “I think it’s going to be really great for the Bridgeton community, especially at a time like this,” Jones said, “We can have private parties where you can just see your family and be cut off.”

Destined Indulgence will also offer options for people who are not keen on regular cake. “We do rice crispy treat ‘cakes’ and cookie cakes and cheesecake,” said Jones, adding she’s also a chocolatier. “I do basically everything but bagels and doughnuts.” She also offers holiday gift boxes with treats and wine inside. 

Moving out of her home kitchen and into a retail sized space will come as a relief to Jones. “I’m struggling to keep my head above water, and I’m super fortunate to be able to say that as a small business," she said. "I’ve barely been able to keep up.” 

To help fund Destined Indulgence Cakery & Confectionary, head over to the Kickstarter page. Jones is offering prizes to those who donate such as custom cakes and free cheesecake for a year.