a selection of dishes from beets & bones photo courtesy kristen hendricks photography

Beets & Bones will open health-focused brick-and-mortar in Clayton this fall

Clayton's roster of health-focused eateries will soon expand. Beets & Bones, which has been operating out of its sister company Upshot Coffee and at Tower Grove Farmers’ Market for about a year, aims to open its first brick-and-mortar at 8401 Maryland Ave. in Clayton by mid-December.

The café, which will be in the former home of Northwest Coffee, will offer its namesake juices (beets are a common ingredient in fresh-pressed juice) and bone broths, along with other options like smoothies, grain bowls and more. Details are still in flux, but the cafe will cater to those with dietary restrictions and allergies.

In recent years, co-owners Conor VanBuskirk and chef Nick Zotos, who has worked in kitchens throughout the country, went through their own wellness journeys but found many of the healthy options around town were missing something, which led to their decision to start the concept.

“We were very thoughtful about how to create composed dishes with health benefits that have the right mixture of colors and flavors that explode out of the bowl,” VanBuskirk said. “We want to give people something they’re not able to get anywhere else.”

There will be several bone broths on tap, including chicken, beef, pork and turkey, as well as a blend of chicken, beef and turkey. The menu will utilize those in soup bowls that will be easy to grab and go. Add-ins will vary, but there will likely be a play on chicken noodle soup and a pork-based ramen bowl.

“[Bone broth] is incredible for gut health, and the collagen and gelatin in it supports your joints,” VanBuskirk said.

a selection of juices // photo courtesy kristen hendricks photography

The café will offer about a dozen juices and a few wellness shots, which are essentially mini-juices but feature higher concentrations of roots like ginger and turmeric.

“In our 16-ounce juices, there are about 4 pounds of fruits and veggies and an incredible amount of vitamins and nutrients,” VanBuskirk said. “Most of us aren’t really gonna eat 4 pounds of veggies, so grabbing a green juice on the go is a great solution. They’re not meant to replace real food – I drink them as a supplement.”

The 1,400-square-foot space will seat about 15 to 20, and there will also be a walk-up window and outdoor seating area. VanBuskirk said the vibe will be similar to Upshot: modern, airy and bright with large windows.  

VanBuskirk also said he plans to expand the brand by opening more brick-and-mortar locations throughout the St. Louis area in the future.