The Dom pizza from Melo's Pizzeria photo by Dave Moore

7 St. Louis take-and-bake pizzas that have us ready to preheat our ovens

Pizza is eternal. From Naples to Japan to New York City, pizza has withstood centuries of war, natural disaster, economic devastation and political upheaval. Though the world continues to change around it, this beloved dish simply cannot be stopped. 

In 2020, despite a pandemic that has transformed our daily lives and imprisoned us in our homes, pizza has still remained a most popular entry at restaurants offering carryout. As we look back on the pizza parties and pizzeria visits of the days of yore, we now see that it was only marginally about being together; it was always about the pizza. It is a comfort food beyond compare. And with numerous local spots offering frozen or partially-baked za, you now have the opportunity for restaurant-fresh pies coming out of your own oven. Here are a few options that look good to us.

While it’s cooking, enjoy some of the greatest pizza content ever made. 

Urban Chestnut Brewing Co.’s pepperoni pizza, made through sister restaurant U.R.B., looks very nice. With solid leoparding on the crust and fat pepperoni slices covering the center, this pizza seems like a winner. 

Melo’s Pizzeria has entered the frozen game as well. You can’t go wrong with their classic cheese pie, but pepperoni and sausage are also available for take-and-bake.

Lola Jean’s Giveback Coffee has been doing pizza nights on Thursdays for a few weeks now. Their pan-style pizza comes with plenty of options – we tried it with pepperoni – and caramelizes nicely. Plan in advance here, because orders need to be placed by Tuesday at 9 p.m. 

Rich & Charlie's has been a West County favorite for over 50 years, and its Town & Country location is doing frozen pizzas. Add one of their excellent house salads and that’s amore! 

Don’t forget that the 4 Hands Brewing Co. frozen pizzas from Lucia’s Pizza are still in the game, including a new Lion’s Choice roast beef-style pizza with horseradish sauce and a French fry crust. This particular variation can be found at major grocery stores and also at Lion’s Choice via drive-thru. Au jus not included, but it seems like a good addition. Try it and let us know. 

Katie’s Pizza and Pasta Osteria has been frozen pizza, and their new morel mushroom pizza (!) with black garlic butter and leeks (!!) is just a click away (for a limited time). If you fail to score this one, peep their meatball or pesto and artichoke za. 

Pie Guy Pizza's take-and-bake situation has a bit of a twist: You have to make it yourself. Their DIY pizza kit includes dough, pizza sauce, mozzarella and one topping. New to making za? Their website has detailed instructions.