Dave Bailey will close Hugo’s Pizzeria in Midtown, relocate to a new space

Dave Bailey of Baileys' Restaurants announced today, May 9, that Hugo’s Pizzeria in Midtown will close after service on May 19. Bailey said he has found a buyer for the restaurant – though it wasn't for sale at first.

Bailey said the decision to sell happened because a customer came into Hugo’s by mistake – the unnamed buyer decided to purchase the building, which wasn’t even on the market.

“Midtown is very much up and coming. We’re obviously been in that neighborhood for a while with Small Batch – we’ve been in for at least five years,” Bailey said. “It was something we were happy with, and it was a cool project to do and build out.”

The kitchen equipment was not part of the sale, so Bailey is currently assessing the restaurant group’s options and then plans to reopen Hugo’s in a new, to-be-determined location.

“We’re scouting a few different places,” Bailey said. He speculated that the menu will remain largely similar, but that they’ll make some updates and tweaks. “By and large, we liked the format.”

Hugo’s is known for pizzas like the Lux with roasted red peppers, mushrooms, pepperoni, Italian sausage and shredded mozzarella, and Jalapeno Popper with garlic confit, smoked gouda, bacon, Italian sausage and jalapenos. The restaurant also offers a number of salads and appetizers. Like sister restaurant Baileys’ Range, Hugo’s featured a monthly battle royale – naturally, at this location, the fight was between pizzas.

Hugo's opened in September 2017. It's one of seven restaurant concepts in the Baileys' Restaurants portfolio.

Bailey said anyone interested in suggesting a new location should to reach out to communications@baileysrestaurants.com

Adam Rothbarth is a staff writer for Sauce Magazine.