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5 canned wines to crack open this summer

We are experiencing a meteoric rise in the popularity of serious canned wines. Early offerings were often sweet, but 2018 brings us quality usually found in traditional glass.

Like screw tops, aluminum packaging is just the latest change for wine consumers, so don’t fear that missing cork. A wood cork does nothing for the majority of wines, which are consumed very soon after purchase. (I even have doubts as to the benefit of long-term aging with a cork. A natural cork is a sponge, risking cork taint, which will ruin a wine.) 

Cans are more convenient than bottles. They’re light, portable, easy to open, easy to recycle and take up less space in a cooler – exactly what you need for float trips, picnics, hiking, camping and sipping on your deck or by the pool. Just be careful – the standard beer can size is actually half a wine bottle. The smaller sized cans, 187 and 250 milliliters, are closer to a large glass or two.

Blends seem to be more popular than single varietals, but there is something for everyone. Check your retailers’ shelves and do a tasting. Don’t be skeptical – pop some tops.

1. Scarpetta Frico Frizzante
Fizzy, fresh and clean, this Italian sparkling makes for great prosecco-style sipping.
4-pack 187-milliliter cans: $11. Available at Wine & Cheese Place,

2. Sans Sauvignon Blanc
This wine is made for grown-ups. It’s very varietally correct.
1 can: $10. Available at Wine & Cheese Place,

3. Butternut Chardonnay
Butternut is a solid chardonnay with no oak – just aluminum.
1 can: $8. Available at Randall’s Wines & Spirits,

4. Joe to Go Rosé
This pretty pinot noir-based rosé was my favorite from the Joe to Go series.
1 can: $7. Available at Dierbergs in Des Peres,

5. Cycles Gladiator Pinot Noir
Try this juicy, balanced can chilled. It offers pinot cherry flavors and an attractive color.
1 can: $6. Available at The Wine Merchant,

Glenn Bardgett is a longtime contributor to sauce Magazine and wine director at Annie Gunn's. 

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