Eat This: Tianjin-Style Bing at Bing Bing

Before Bing Bing opened off The Loop earlier this year, we had a jianbing-shaped hole in our hearts, and we didn’t even know it. Now we can’t imagine a time without the Tianjin-Style Bing. The Chinese crepe/burrito/magic-like street food starts with a super thin, tender eggy pancake wrapped around your choice of meat and sauce. 

Our dream combo is the slightly sweet barbecue pork and hoisin-like house sauce. Along with the standard scrambled eggs, Chinese pickles, lettuce, cilantro, scallion and crunchy wonton, it hits every silky, chewy, crunchy note you didn’t know you needed.

Bing Bing, 567A Melville Ave., University City, 314.669.9229, Facebook: Bing Bing