Fact or Fiction: Does alcohol freeze?

080210_shiverWelcome to Fact or Fiction, a new online column in which we dive into the truth behind some well-accepted foodie wives’ tales – and reveal whether they’re fact or fiction.

Alcohol does not freeze.

Fiction: Actually, alcohol does freeze; its freezing point is simply far below that of water. For instance, water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit, while ethanol (or pure grain alcohol such as Everclear) freezes at -173.2 degrees Fahrenheit. So why can you put a bottle of your favorite liquor in the freezer without it ever solidifying? That’s because most home freezers don’t reach temperatures anywhere near -173.2 degrees and, therefore, a bottle of vodka or rum is usually just chilled in these conditions – not frozen. Not all alcohol is the same, however, and the freezing point will depend on the proof of the alcohol – the lower the proof, the warmer the freezing point; the higher the proof, the colder the freezing point. This is why lower-proof alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine coolers and even some liquors such as Malibu rum will freeze in a freezer. Mixing alcohol with other liquids such as sodas and fruit juices also raises the freezing temperature of the drink and could result in part of the drink turning into slush.

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