brasserie’s eggs en cocotte photo by carmen troesser

8 recipes to make when you're snowed in

Looking for new recipes to eat your way through the next Snowmageddon? If you want a project or just need to get through that stockpile of bread, milk and eggs, these eight recipes are guaranteed to warm up the chilliest snow day.

1. Brasserie’s Eggs En Cocotte
This dish from one of the city’s premiere brunch spots combines a host of A.M. go-to’s in one skillet.  

french toast blt // photo by greg rannells

2. French Toast BLT
This sandwich combines the best of two brunch staples.

everything-in-the-crisper jambalaya // photo by kristi schiffman

3. Everything-in-the-Crisper Jambalaya
Clear out the fridge with this take on a southern standard. 

harvest's bread pudding // photo by josh monken

4. Stephen Gontram’s Warmed Brioche Bread Pudding
This is arguably the beloved St. Louis chef’s most revered creation. 

chimichurri egg sandwich // photo by carmen troesser

5. Chimichurri Breakfast Sandwich
A breakfast essential, perfectly elevated. 

hurry up, i'm starving chicken soup // photo by greg rannells

6. Hurry Up, I’m Starving Chicken Soup
Try your hand at local boy made good, James Beard Award-winner Patrick Connolly’s version of this feel-good favorite.

guinness stew // photo by carmen troesser

7. Guinness Stew
This hearty stew from venerable Irish pub John D.McGurk’s is guaranteed to thaw you out.

hot buttered rum // photo by carmen troesser

8. Hot Buttered Rum
Park yourself beside a roaring fire, knock back a couple of these cozy tipples and let it snow. 

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