Compton Heights - Compton Hill 2019 House Tour

September 28, midnight

Magic Chef Mansion 314-664-3400

Two of St. Louis' finest historic neighborhoods, Compton Heights and Compton Hill--long celebrated for gorgeous turn-of-the-century architecture--will host a house tour from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Saturday, September 28 and Sunday September 29, 2019. The public is invited to tour 10 gracious homes with original stained-glass windows and intricate woodwork, winding staircases and elegant features.
Just one of the many highlights of the tour is the famed Magic Chef Mansion, a stunning showplace home and crown jewel of the area. The main floor and the unique basement bowling alley are included, plus the lovely biergarten on the grounds offers a selection of cold drinks and food for purchase.