beets & bones photo by lauren healey

Beets & Bones in Clayton has closed

Beets & Bones, a nutrition-focused juice bar and café in Clayton, has closed the doors to its location at 8401 Maryland Ave. The closing was announced in a video posted to the Fuel Wellness Bar Instagram account, formerly the Beets & Bones account, by chef and co-owner Nick Zotos. 

“I decided to move on,” he said. “It was kind of hindering my capabilities and creativity to expand what I’m really good at doing which is juice and food and … basically my creativity.”  

Despite moving forward, Zotos values the time he spent at the café. “Beets & Bones has been in my stream of thought for about the last three-and-a-half years,” said Zotos. “So, it’s been a really important part of my life. It taught me a lot about the health arena that everybody seems to gravitate to now.”

Zotos is now working on his own juice company, Fuel Wellness Bar, selling cold-pressed juices wholesale to several businesses in the St. Louis area including The Annex Coffee and Foods and The Clover and the Bee in Webster Groves. 

“At the moment, I am just wholesaling my juice around St. Louis to some loyal customers and with hopes to pick up more,” he said. “I could be popping up around town at other locations.”

Zotos said he’d like to have another brick-and-mortar location, albeit with a smaller footprint, while also expanding his brand online with juice cleanse packages available for delivery.

“Food is my passion, you know, and same thing with juice,” he said. “I’m going to continue to try and build my little juice empire here in St. Louis and hopefully develop a wholesale program where I can ship it nationwide.”