artisan toasted ravioli from stl toasted photo by abigail nicole photography

STL Toasted will serve an array of toasted ravioli when it opens in the City Foundry STL food hall next year

Some concepts make so much sense that it’s a shock that nobody’s thought of it before. Such is the case with STL Toasted, which seems to be – and correct us if we’re wrong – St. Louis’ first toasted ravioli-centric restaurant. The restaurant, owned by Matthew Fuller and his wife, Brittany Abernathy, is slated to open next March in City Foundry STL’s food hall.

“It’s something I’d thought of back in 2014. I was actually thinking it would be cool as a food truck idea, to do t-ravs with a bunch of different flavors,” Fuller explained. Last year, after a bad car accident, Fuller had a lot of time to think, and circled back to the project. “I couldn’t drive or work at the time. Food’s a real big passion of mine, so back in April of this year, we were like, ‘Alright, let’s do it.’” They called the Foundry and it materialized “super fast.”  

STL Toasted won’t just be regular toasted ravioli; no, Fuller will offer a number of creative takes on the local classic dish. According to him, the opening menu tentatively comprises Italian beef, three cheese, buffalo chicken, loaded potato and Southwestern quinoa ravioli. Dessert ravs include an apple pie and a lemon-blackberry gooey butter cake iteration. 

In a town full of toasted ravioli options, Fuller believes he’ll be a serious contender. “I really pride myself in using the best ingredients I can find,” he said. “We use 00 Caputo flour that’s imported from Italy. I make sure that all of ours are stuffed and that you can tell what the ingredients are when you bite into it.” 

According to Fuller, the Foundry felt like the perfect place for this concept. “The thing I do like is that it feels like a cross between a food truck and a brick-and-mortar,” Fuller said. “It represented what we loved about St. Louis – a collaborative space that really highlights small businesses and diversity.” Eventually, he’d like to expand STL Toasted beyond St. Louis. “Many of my friends have contacted me asking if we ship,” he said. “I see us taking this hopefully to other markets, like Denver or Louisville.”