Prism, a new LGBTQ bar, will open in the Grove in early 2022

In early 2022, the Grove will welcome a new bar when Prism occupies 4510 Manchester Ave., the former home of The Monocle. Prism will be part cocktail lounge and part cabaret stage with drag shows, and will also offer an outdoor patio.

“We had been looking a little bit for a venue, and I have worked as an entertainer in the city for a long time,” said Michael Klataske, who performs as Jade Sinclair and co-owns Prism alongside Sean and Jack Abernathy and Matthew Connell. “We thought it would be a good fit – it already had the stage and the stage lights, and wouldn’t require a buildout.”  

Klataske said the bar will offer typical bar fare, including signature cocktails, and that the space will feature different environments across its different rooms. “The venue in total is kind of like a deconstructed rainbow,” he explained. “You’ll find all the colors of the rainbow in the different spaces. I’m excited to be in a space that’s freshly renovated and designed for our needs.” The cabaret area should have around 66 seats, while there will be 45 barstools in the lounge, according to Klataske. Prism will be open from 3 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. daily. 

Initially, Prism will have shows Friday and Saturday, but Klataske said he aims to eventually have shows every night, once they can find the staff to ensure that they can offer a good variety of live performances.

“I think that we’re also trying to utilize the space for other community needs,” Klataske said. “Like parties and private events. We’re trying to offer a safe space for the whole spectrum of the community.”