Rock Star Tacos has opened a location on the Hill with an expanded menu

Rock Star Tacos has outgrown its original St. Charles location, which is currently closed for the season due to no indoor seating. In November, the restaurant opened up a new location on the Hill at 4916 Shaw Ave. Fittingly sharing its new home with recording studio Gaslight Studio, Rock Star Tacos aims to elevate its passion for food and music to a bigger stage – and now, they have the space to do just that.

“We kind of hit our cap with [the St. Charles location],” said Rebecca Schaaf, partner and front-of-house manager of Rock Star Tacos. “With Gaslight [Studio], it seemed like a natural fit. We went from 100 square feet to [about 2,000 square feet with] 50 seats with a dining space and bar, room for activities. It feels amazing to come in here and not step on each other,” she said.

With the larger space, the restaurant has been able to bolster its offerings. “We have a much expanded menu,” said Schaaf. “Before, we were limited in space and time. Instead of five tacos, here, we have 11 tacos, as well as main dishes, appetizers and more.” New items include street corn hush puppies, mega quesadillas, fries, onion rings and more.

The full bar is also stocked with local favorites on 10 tap – Heavy Riff Brewing Co., 4 Hands Brewing Co. and Urban Chestnut Brewing Co., to name a few. On Tuesday, Dec. 21, Rock Star Tacos is partnering with a humane society and 4 Hands for a Hound Dog Holiday Trivia Night featuring all three of 4 Hands’ Girl Scout drinks on tap.

And while the updated space is important, the atmosphere that Rock Star Tacos cultivated in St. Charles remains a key factor in their success.

“Making people feel respected was really important to us in building our brand in St. Charles,” said Schaaf. “We had a year to think about that and how to translate our quick service to a full dining experience. We want people to feel comfortable here, whether it’s the drinks, our silly specials, our tacos, we want you to feel comfortable and welcome here. We’re excited to see this community grow and it’s going great so far,” added Schaaf.

Rock Star Tacos is open from 5 to 11 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.