Boogyz Donuts in University City has closed

Boogyz Donuts at 6951 Olive Blvd. in University City announced via Facebook that it would close its doors as of Sunday, May 30. 

Owner Jamil Jabbar is sad to see Boogyz go, but said he has to "let go to grow" in this case. “There's more things I want to bring into Boogyz Donuts that I physically can’t put in while I'm working, while my door's open,” Jabbar said. “In order for me to move on and grow, I have to let go of what I have going on now.”

Additionally, the lease was up for Boogyz’ building, which was the main reason for its closure. “I didn't want to renew my lease at the time in this landlord’s building,” Jabbar said.  

While Boogyz is closed, there is a possibility of reopening in the future. “It’s definitely not out of the picture,” Jabbar said. There is no definitive answer on when Boogyz will return or where it will be located as of now.