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Delivery methods for medical marijuana

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If the arrival of medical marijuana in Missouri has piqued your interest, it’s important to understand the numerous ways to consume cannabis. Swade Dispensary offers a robust menu of options for every type of patient.

“We are really working to take away the stigma still associated with marijuana – it’s not just buying a bag of weed to smoke,” said Max McAnallen, general manager at Swade’s Cherokee Street location slated to open in the coming months.

Edibles are a great choice for those looking to consume cannabis without smoking, and Swade offers dozens of options – from THC- and CBD-infused gummies and chocolates to beverages that come with dosage cups – to make your experience a pleasant one. “This is no longer like eating a special brownie your friend made and not knowing how much to eat,” McAnallen explained. “We offer much more precisely dosed edibles so you know exactly what you’re getting.”

The standard starting point for edible dosage is 5 milligrams, and Swade recommends patients take it “slow and low” and wait an hour or two to monitor effects, as it is much easier to add than subtract from your dose. “We also have microdose edibles for folks easing in, and stronger options for those who have a higher tolerance,” McAnallen said, adding there are options that also include CBD to help temper the THC and “carry you more gently into your experience, offering what we call the ‘entourage effect.’”

Tinctures are ideal for patients who are looking for faster acting relief and are taken sublingually. “You place it under your tongue and it’s very fast absorbing,” McAnallen explained.

Topicals are other great options for those avoiding smoking and offer even milder effects than edibles. “If you’re nervous about ingesting THC or CBD, topicals like skin balms and salves are great for localized benefits,” said McAnallen. Topicals are good remedies for ailments like arthritis, achy joints and muscle pain and don’t have the high-inducing effects.

For those looking to consume the old-fashioned way, Swade offers a wide range of marijuana strains to be smoked in a variety of ways, from pre-rolls to water pipes and even vaporizers that are a bit gentler on the throat and lungs. There are also concentrates like oil and wax, along with vape cartridges similar to e-cigarettes.

Everyone has an endocannabinoid system primed to receive cannabinoids like THC and CBD, and the Swade experts compare it to hearing a song. “Everyone hears the same notes in a song, but everybody gets taken to a different place – that’s how the endocannabinoid receptors work. We help you figure out the best cannabis consumption methods for you through a one-on-one consultation,” McAnallen said. “We are very patient-focused and take the time to get to know our patients and their needs to pair the appropriate products.”

If you’re a medical marijuana patient and need assistance figuring out your best method, stop by a Swade location (now open in the Grove, St. Peters and Ellisville), where a product specialist will be happy to help you understand the various ways to consume and the best option for your specific needs. For more information, visit swadecannabis.com.

THC is a psychoactive component of cannabis that provides anti-anxiety and other benefits combined with a sense of euphoria, while CBD is non-psychoactive but still offers anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety benefits.