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Medical marijuana gathers steam in Missouri

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Although a bill legalizing medical marijuana in Missouri passed in late 2018, it took nearly two years for that medicine to start becoming available locally for patients. Now, Swade Cannabis Dispensary has opened locations in St. Peters, Ellisville and the Grove, with two more planned to open in St. Louis in the coming months.

Swade is a luxury cannabis company offering a premium experience at each of its locations. All have a similar upscale vibe but with their own twists that tie into the community. “We want to educate people and work to end the stigma attached to cannabis and not feel ashamed of exploring plant-based medicine,” said Jack Haddox, director of dispensary operations.

The flagship spot in the Grove opened Friday, April 16, with a bright, colorful ambiance and a large mural in true Grove fashion. In May, a Delmar Loop location with musical memorabilia decor is set to open across from the Pageant, while a Cherokee Street storefront will channel the historic district’s rustic feel. “We sourced local architect Min Plus, who utilized design elements informed by nature – exposed beams, recycled materials – and really brought the community into each location,” said Melissa Khan, director of marketing.

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Upon entering a Swade Dispensary, guests are greeted by a product specialist who asks to see your photo ID and medical marijuana card (instructions on how to obtain a card are provided at swadecannabis.com). “They are warm, friendly and extremely knowledgeable and can speak to how certain products help with different medical conditions and will tailor recommendations based on your specific needs,” Haddox said. “We take detailed notes, so if something doesn’t work out for you, come back and we’ll find something new to try.”

As medical marijuana is just getting started in Missouri, supply is currently limited but continually expanding. Gummies in a variety of flavors, and occasionally, beverages like lemonade and orange soda are available. Pre-packaged marijuana flower is offered in a few different strains, and pre-rolled joints and pre-packed chillums (glass smoking devices) are also popular choices. In the coming months, look for numerous additional strains, and a wider variety of product types, such as edibles, tinctures, topicals, pills and much more. “If you can think of it having THC, we will have it eventually,” Haddox said.

For more information, visit swadecannabis.com.

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