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St. Louis County will raise business occupancy from 25% to 50% this week

This morning, Monday, Oct. 5, St. Louis county executive Dr. Sam Page gave a press briefing and released a fourth amended order outlining further guidelines regarding the pandemic, most notably allowing businesses – including restaurants – to increase capacity to 50%. The changes outlined by Page and in the order will go into effect at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 7.

“Throughout the pandemic, I’ve consistently … observed how the community was reacting and monitored the best practices of other communities across the country. As a result, I’m here today to make several announcements,” he said in the press conference, prefacing some new rules for people living or operating businesses in the county. “We’ve always tempered this response to the pandemic with a controlled and steady approach. As a result, we’ve fared much better than other parts of the country,” he later added. 

One of the major changes going into effect will be the expansion of occupancy for county businesses. “In recognition of the hard work of our business community, we are lifting the maximum occupancy from 25% to 50% at all of our businesses,” Page explained. 

Additionally, bars must continue to close by 10 p.m. “Drinking establishments must close to ingress, egress, use and occupancy by members of the public by 10 p.m.,” the order said. 

The order also said that vendors and concessions - anywhere selling food inside of another establishment - must comply with the food and retail service operating standards and guidelines published by the Department of Health.  “For example, a concession provider within a pool complex must comply with guidelines for food and drink facilities,” it said.

Additional notable changes include that all public and private gatherings should be limited to 50 or less and that businesses are authorized to deny entry to anybody refusing to wear a mask, “unless such refusal is on account of a medical condition that makes wearing face coverings injurious or potentially injurious.”

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