Pi Pizzeria will take over Filomena’s location in Glendale in late July

Pi Pizzeria is opening its fifth location at 9900 Manchester Road in Glendale, the former home of Filomena’s Italian Kitchen, in late July, and the 1,500-square-foot space will also house another concept: ¡Rico!

“We’ve been toying with this Gringo spinoff concept for a year or so now, and coronavirus put those plans on hold, but then this opportunity presented itself in this location where we wanted to have a ghost kitchen, multi-concept operation,” said owner Chris Sommers. “Because it was gonna be carryout-focused, we saw we could accommodate both concepts.”

The space will primarily function as a to-go establishment; however, there will be limited seating inside the restaurant. Sommers plans to incorporate Filomena’s pickup window into the new spot. Customers will visit the website or call ahead to place their order and can pick it up at the window. Delivery will also be available via third-party apps like DoorDash.

"Unfortunately, most dine-in business has been significantly hurt, and now with a resurgence in cases, I don't think its gonna return to pre-COVID levels anytime soon," Sommers said. "A carryout and delivery focus is appropriate for the foreseeable future.”

Each concept will offer items that travel well and are ideal for families and large groups.

“With our business being carryout and delivery over the last 90 days, we know what works when it’s gotta travel in a car,” he said. “People will still be able to get most of their usual faves – you can’t deny folks things they’re used to having.”

¡Rico! will feature a “hits list” of Gringo dishes like the fried chicken sandwich and a burger, as well as a few new dishes, including some salads. Single-serving and large-format cocktails to go will also be on offer, with options like margaritas, palomas and more.

Sommers has been looking to return to the area since Pi closed its Kirkwood location in 2018. Likewise, he believes the communities of Kirkwood, Webster Groves and Glendale are excited for its return. “We are so thrilled to have Pi [come to] Glendale,” said Aaron Nauman, a member of Glendale’s Board of Aldermen. “Word has been spreading like wildfire over Facebook, and I have no doubt they will do fantastic business.” 

Filomena’s Italian Kitchen served the Glendale community for over 10 years. Nauman cites the pandemic as the cause for Filomena’s closing. “It’s hard to see [Filomena’s] go,” he said, “but Pi is another great family-oriented restaurant, and it’s a win that they’ve chosen to come here. … Their chef Cary McDowell is actually a Glendale resident as well, and he’s excited to serve Glendale.” 

Hours for the new location will be 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily but are subject to change as the opening date approaches.

Editor's note: This article was updated at 10 a.m. Thursday, June 25, to include information on ¡Rico!