5 things we're using in our kitchens right now

From kitchen tools to banana bread preferences, here’s what’s getting art director Meera Nagarajan through her quarantine days. 

Kyocera ceramic ginger grater
I love a single use tool, and this one is particularly useful. It gets all the ginger pulp and juice from the root, but none of the course fibers. It works super fast too, and the teeth are just dull enough that you won’t cut yourself. I have microplaned my fingers grating ginger and garlic too many times. $15 

Kuhn Rikon garlic press
I hate mincing garlic and this takes that step out of my cooking. It’s the best garlic press I've used - you put in a clove, skins and all, and get minced garlic with one motion. It’s weighty and beautiful with a smart design. The basket that holds the garlic swings out for easy cleaning and the sieve is small enough to produce a juicy garlic paste with every crush. It’s expensive, but worth it. $50

Reese’s Peanut Butter Chips
Some people like walnuts in their banana bread, some people like chocolate chips. Once you try peanut butter chips, however, you will never go back. Trust me. $9

Flavor Bomb tomatoes
I have become an expert at ordering groceries online, and outside of a local, summer tomatoes, these are the sweetest and most flavorful I can find. I love searing a couple handfuls super fast with olive oil, garlic and dried chilies and spooning them over burrata with toast. If you cook them a bit longer, they turn into an impossibly fresh pasta sauce - just toss with spaghetti and finish with Parmesan and fresh basil. My heart is made out of Sungolds between July and September, but until then these are my go-to. $5

Sump Coffee Subscription
Since the world stopped, it’s been reassuring to have my coffee arrive the same time every week in my mailbox. I can’t go hang out at Sump right now, but the Roaster’s Choice subscription provides me with an array of single-origin coffees. You never know what’s coming your way, but it is always freshly roasted and delicious. Prices vary