Pepperoni pizza from The U.R.B. courtesy of The U.R.B.

Eat this carryout pizza from The U.R.B.

One of the first carryout meals we had during quarantine was from The U.R.B., Urban Chestnut Brewing Co.’s more experimental little sister. The margherita pizza was light and luxurious, while still having the satisfying, durable crust you look for in this kind of ‘za – an impressive feat, since this take-and-bake option requires you to finish it in your own oven. On the meatier side, the pepperoni pizza was a zesty delight. We found that these pies played best on a patio with a cool drink at sundown, but however you enjoy them, they’ll surely take you back, momentarily, to your favorite pizza parties of the old days.

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