chips and salsa at yo! salsa in wentzville photo by dave moore

Review: Yo! Salsa in Wentzville

Yo! Salsa is an oasis, bringing modern Latin flavors to an otherwise bland landscape of chain restaurants in Wentzville. What started as a food truck and catering business is now a brick and mortar with a staff that’s fresh, helpful and ready for the task.

shrimp and poblano grits // photo by dave moore

Shrimp and poblano grits
I’m not usually a fan of grits, but here, the grits themselves are made of poblano peppers – a preparation I’ve never seen before. The poblanos lend lots of flavor and texture to what could otherwise be a bland porridge. They’re topped with plump shrimp, chorizo and sliced avocado, finished with a spicy tomato and chipotle pepper sauce. Fresh, hearty and unique, this dish escapes association with the assembly-line Mexican food category.

carnitas tacos // photo by dave moore

Carnitas tacos
The tacos come in pick-two pairs. Make sure at least one is the carnitas. Sweet, savory and salty, it makes a rock solid taco. Shredded braised pork comes topped with salsa verde, caramelized onions and cotija cheese. This is the kind of street taco that gets a food truck loyal followers.

Chorizo with fried sweet potato tacos
Chorizo is one of the best proteins available at Yo! Salsa. The texture deviates a bit from other tacos, but still gives a very pleasant Taco Bell feel. (Say what you will, Taco Bell sets the bar for good fast-food textures.) Fried sweet potato lends a bit of crunch, and a hint of allspice makes for a nice Thanksgiving undertone.

Chips and salsa
This assumed starter might seem run-of-the-mill, but Yo! Salsa’s version is special. Corn tortilla chips commingle with your choice of three salsas. Go with the black bean, which is hearty with a tangy lime kick; the salsa verde, which is well balanced and one of the best; and the fire-roasted tomato for a taste of a classic.

Yo! Salsa
2 W. Pearce Blvd., Wentzville, 636.856.8444,

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