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Mar 24, 2018
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Vegetize It
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Vegetize It Archives

Dried Beans (Dec 1st 2017)

Pulled Pork (Oct 1st 2017)

Romesco Sauce (Sep 1st 2017)

Roasted Beets (Aug 1st 2017)

Green Garlic Harissa (Jul 1st 2017)

Rhubarb Sauce (Jun 1st 2017)

Miso Paste (May 1st 2017)

Chop Shop (Apr 1st 2017)

A Cut Above (Mar 1st 2017)

Magic Tomato Sauce (Jan 4th 2017)

Veggie Marsala (Dec 1st 2016)

Vegan Pumpkin Pie (Nov 8th 2016)

Vegan Pozole (Oct 1st 2016)

Sweet Potato Nuggets (Sep 1st 2016)

ELTs (Aug 2nd 2016)

Vegan Chocolate Zucchini Cookies (Jul 1st 2016)

Vegetarian Philly Cheesesteaks (Jun 6th 2016)

Vegetize It: Mushroom Moussaka (May 4th 2016)

Vegan spring risotto (Apr 1st 2016)

Vegan chicken salad wraps (Mar 10th 2016)

Vegan Beignets (Feb 2nd 2016)

Cassoulet (Jan 1st 2016)

Not-Fish Tacos (Dec 1st 2015)

Tajine (Nov 1st 2015)

Steak au Poivre (Oct 8th 2015)

Poutine (Sep 1st 2015)

Key Lime Pie (Aug 1st 2015)

Chicken tikka masala (Jul 1st 2015)

Veggie Burger (Jun 1st 2015)

Vegan Pound Cake (May 1st 2015)

Vegan Bread Pudding (Apr 1st 2015)

Beer Cheese Soup (Mar 1st 2015)

Osso Buco (Feb 1st 2015)

Pappardelle with Bolognese (Jan 1st 2015)

Ramen (Dec 2nd 2014)

Vegan cupcakes (Nov 1st 2014)

Vegan potpie (Oct 1st 2014)

Saag paneer (Sep 1st 2014)

Vegan Ice Cream (Aug 1st 2014)

His and hers Reuben sandwiches (Jul 1st 2014)

Corn Dog Carnival (Jun 1st 2014)

Vegan crepes (May 1st 2014)

How to make a designer pâté (Mar 28th 2014)

Getting Devilish with Egg Salad (Mar 1st 2014)

Vegans tackle the Super Bowl (Feb 1st 2014)

The onion race: a marathon not a sprint (Jan 2nd 2014)

Shearing the beef from shepherd's pie (Dec 1st 2013)

Green Beans with a Side of Nostalgia (Nov 1st 2013)

No Problema Paella (Oct 1st 2013)

Pasta and a Glass of Pinot (Sep 1st 2013)

Feel-good Brownies (Aug 1st 2013)

Jacked Up Carnitas (Jul 1st 2013)

Avenging the Count (Jun 1st 2013)

Fine-Tuning the Food Court (May 1st 2013)

A Salad Fit for an Emperor (Apr 1st 2013)

All the Soup, None of the Schmaltz (Mar 1st 2013)

Snacking Made Easy (and Cheesy) (Feb 1st 2013)

Bam! Jambalaya Goes Veg (Jan 1st 2013)

Bourguignon: French In Spirit, Vegetarian In Truth (Dec 1st 2012)

How Not To Be a Snotty Vegetarian This Thanksgiving (Nov 1st 2012)

Oktoberfest: All of the Beer, None of the Brawn (Oct 1st 2012)

Vegan French Toast (Sep 1st 2012)

“Bacon”-Wrapped Figs (Aug 1st 2012)

Summer Lasagna (Jul 1st 2012)

Tuna Salad Three Ways (Jun 1st 2012)

Black Bean Empanadas (May 1st 2012)

Vegetarian Bulgogi Bowl (Apr 1st 2012)

Vegan Chocolate Mousse (Mar 1st 2012)

Vegetarian Beef Stew (Feb 1st 2012)

Vegetarian Shrimp Bisque (Jan 1st 2012)

“Meat”loaf and Mashed Potatoes (Dec 1st 2011)

Biscuits and Gravy (Nov 1st 2011)

Mushroom Stroganoff (Oct 1st 2011)

Meatless Meatballs (Sep 1st 2011)

“Crab” Cakes (Aug 1st 2011)

No-Cream Creamed Spinach (Jul 1st 2011)

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