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Mar 24, 2018
Intelligent Content For The Food Fascinated
Sauce Management note: Users, please try to be civil, remember that your comments affect people's livelihood both good and bad. Malicious comments bent on destroying someone's business will not be tolerated.

Additionally, If your comments contain the following:

* Claims of food poisoning
* Insect sightings
* Direct comparison to other restaurants
* Use of individual names to point out a bad server, bad manager, etc.

they will be edited and that part of your comment will be deleted.

Here's why:

* Unless you have been to the hospital, food poisoning can't be verified.
* Bug sightings are also unverifiable. You may have seen a bug, but claims like this can easily be made by people trying to hurt a restaurant's business. Unless we know for sure that a claim is 100 percent true, we will not post this information.
* It's just not fair to say that restaurant X isn't as good as restaurant Y. If you're commenting on restaurant X, talk about your experience there alone. We will not post a direct comparison.
* There's no need to get personal.

Please note that all comments are read by SauceMagazine.com staff before posting, so posting is not immediate. Also note that claims of food poisoning or illness resulting from dining at a restaurant will not be posted as they cannot be verified as true.

We created the SauceMagazine.com public comment forum as a place for registered Sauce users to post their opinions and comments about St. Louis metro area restaurants.

To provide maximum benefit for our visitors, and to ensure that text and subject searches contain useful public opinion, we restrict the discussion to appropriately related comments. The focus here is restaurant end user opinions with regard to food, ambiance, service and restaurant-related subject matter.

In addition, we request, as we always have, that your posts be civil in tone. It is absolutely fine to disagree with another poster; we only ask that you do so with out resorting to rudeness. We also require that posts be in your own words. No cutting and pasting of other people's material, copyrighted or otherwise. Representing yourself as another visitor is strictly prohibited. Also, please do not advertise or include commercial promotion or profanity in your posts. (As you type your comments, please keep in mind that we actually aren't all adults here: children too are part of the SauceMagazine.com community.)

Though it is our general policy to post all messages that follow these rules, we reserve the right to delete, edit, or remove any registered user for any post, for any reason, at any time.

By submitting your comment you agree to the posting guidelines above.
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