Stewart D Halperin: One World - Five Decades and Six Continents

September 21, midnight

International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum 0314 535 1999

A visual journey through time and space – from the rainforests of Africa to
the streets of New York City and points in between.

Halperin found his photographic roots in the jungles of Tanzania studying chimpanzees along with Jane Goodall. During this time while observing the chimps Stewart developed a keen sense of observation- and what he now considers the most important element of good photography- the gift of time.

On his return to the USA the second and possibly most profound influence on his approach to shooting was his friendship and mentorship with photographic great Ernst Haas. From the initial meeting in the 1970’s until Haas’s untimely death in the mid 1980’s the two worked and traveled the world together. It was with Ernst that “the use of color was seared in my mind and heart” 9/21/2019 - 10/19/2019