Serendipity owner, business partner purchase The Fire & Ice Cream Truck

Beckie Jacobs, owner of Serendipity Homemade Ice Cream, and Webster Groves attorney Matt Armstrong have purchased The Fire & Ice Cream Truck. Scott and Stephanie Pondrom put the truck up for sale Thursday, Jan. 21, after cooling down the St. Louis area in the summer and fall since 2007. Jacobs said she plans to hit the streets as soon as this spring.

“We won’t miss a beat,” Jacobs said. “We will be out in at community events, parades, corporate events and at Citygarden.”

The iconic truck will retain its look and name and will feature Serendipity’s ice cream and other creamy classics. “We’ll have drumsticks that we call Dipstix and ice cream sandwiches and ice cream floats using Fitz’s soda for right now. We’re keeping it local,” said Jacobs.

Stephanie Pondram said they are grateful to have been a part of the St. Louis food truck scene. “We have done these amazing birthdays,” said Pondrom. “It has been a blast. We’ve done birthday parties for 1 year olds and 80 year olds.”